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Holster Slide

Posted by Mike Pillsbury on 27th May 2015

        Through the years of making belts, I've dabbled with making holsters. Finding a new way to make or design a holster is quite a task. Sure, it's no problem to copy some … read more

What makes a better gun belt?

Posted by Mike Pillsbury on 6th Dec 2014

Building a better gun belt starts with materials used, but there is so much more. We never use reconstituted leather (that's the stuff that has a thin finished layer on top that starts to peal off aft … read more

How do I choose the right gun belt for me?

Posted by Mike Pillsbury on 19th Nov 2014

Stiffness vs. Comfort has always been the biggest challenge in the gun belt world. The perfect belt for some, will always be either too stiff or too soft for others. A great gun belt should be constru … read more

Evolution of a Better Belt

Posted by Mike Pillsbury on 13th Nov 2014

     When Tracy and I first opened A Better Belt USA my focus was to build the stiffest belt possible. It only took us a few months (and several thousand $$$) to figure out how to … read more

A Better Belt USA news

27th Jun 2011

Until now, A Better Belt USA products were only available by visiting our shop or finding us at your local gun show. Our friends and customers have been insisting that ours is the finest belt around, … read more