Evolution of a Better Belt

Posted by Mike Pillsbury on 13th Nov 2014

     When Tracy and I first opened A Better Belt USA my focus was to build the stiffest belt possible. It only took us a few months (and several thousand $$$) to figure out how to build a stiffer belt than all the rest. We started cranking out belts (we assumed) that would take the firearms community by storm. We started to grow, but very slowly. I continued to search for ways to make our belts ever stiffer, not realizing that we were forgetting about the largest percentage of the firearms owners.

     Finally, I realized that stiff was only part of the story. It took awhile before a second item of importance slapped me in my thick head. COMFORT! Sure, if the belt wasn't comfortable to wear, it would hang in the closet. You can't be "A Better Belt" if you aren't being used. With this in mind, I invented and developed The Perfect Fit Belt. Eureka! I've now accomplished a never before done feat. I've built the world's stiffest gun belt AND made it comfortable to wear! Okay world, look out! Here comes A Better Belt!

     Well, we grew some more, a little faster, but still very slowly. I set my sights on looking for ways to improve our belt's appearance. We started with elephant and ostrich. Two very tough leathers that make beautiful belts. We added horsehide (not quite as pretty), and are currently testing North American Bison and Shark (both coming soon). Another slap to my thick head was imminent. It came after we added drum dyed, textured bull hide to our product line as the Ultimate Dress Gun Belt, I realized that our first star, our biggest seller, our flagship belt, The Ultimate Gun Belt, ...was,... well, ...kind of ugly.

     I tolerated that knowledge for a short time before redoubling my efforts to add stiffness. I knew the only way to improve the look of the Ultimate was to stop using bull hide, but without bull hide I would lose some stiffness. There must be another way....I found it! AND it is now available as our new Ultimate Gun Belt, our new Rough Rider belt, and our new Perfect Fit Belt.

     They are now available in four stiffness levels tailored to your style of carry. 

Psst...We've also improved the price!!!!

     Yes, we do make A Better Belt, and we promise we will always continue to improve.