How do I choose the right gun belt for me?

Posted by Mike Pillsbury on 19th Nov 2014

Stiffness vs. Comfort has always been the biggest challenge in the gun belt world. The perfect belt for some, will always be either too stiff or too soft for others. A great gun belt should be constructed with the user's needs in mind. If the belt is too soft for your style of carry and firearm size, it is a waste of your hard-earned money. Conversely, If your belt is too stiff, you'll be reluctant to wear it due to discomfort.

In order to find a truly "great gun belt", you must consider your style of carry, your firearm size, your holster type (single mount/double mount), your waist size (longer belts need more support), and even your pants style (many dress pants will not accommodate 1 1/2" wide belts).

My advice is that you choose a belt maker with the ability to custom tailor a belt to your specific needs, and stands behind their products with a refund/replacement guarantee.