Contour Belts

We have developed a completely new concept for belts and gun belts called “The Perfect Fit Belt”. We chose this name because the belt will automatically “contour” to anyone's body shape, and provide a perfect fit. 
Here are the reasons we opted to produce the Perfect Fit Belt rather than a standard contour belt:
1. All body shapes require different contours. It would take a “miracle guess” to determine what degree arc would be suitable for your personal standard contour belt. The Perfect Fit contours to your exact body style or shape.
2. The contour required on a standard belt changes with your body movement. This is why a great fitting belt when standing, pinches your sides or gaps in the back when sitting or bending. The Perfect Fit Belt makes slight adjustments to its contour automatically with your every move while retaining the stiffness you expect from a quality gun belt.
3. A standard contour belt with too much arc for your body shape is useless. A Perfect Fit Belt ALWAYS keeps the exact contour needed for your body.
4. A standard belt or standard contour belt (even a reinforced belt) will eventually become "V" shaped in the back and wear out. This will never happen with the Perfect Fit Belt.
5. The Perfect Fit Belt will retain its integrity longer than ANY OTHER BELT on the market.
6. The Perfect Fit Belt is perfect for any size and shape (including ladies).
7. We laugh about this, but it's absolutely true. The Perfect Fit Belt completely eliminates "plumber's crack" when squatting, kneeling or sitting. Standard contour belts can not make that claim.

Is the Perfect Fit Belt right for you?

Yes, but it may not be necessary. Some people need more contour than others. If your old belts didn't develop a large curve or "V" shape in the back, an Ultimate Belt will probably suit you just fine.

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