Customer Comments

"I just placed my third order today with a better belt, now up to two belts and a holster.
The holster is a unique design that I was skeptical of at first, but am a true believer in now -- very light and compact, yet it holds my CZ75 like a glove. Both belts are the horsehide perfect fit and I can't tell you how happy I am with the one I already have. The craftsmanship is beautiful and I've received compliments from friends as well as strangers, and in my 60+ years, that is a first for any belt I've worn. I wear it to work, the range, and actually, everywhere I go -- I love this belt, and that's why I ordered another today.
I am a loyal customer and thanks for providing true artisan craftsmanship -- it's a rarity!" Steve S.
This is my second belt from A Better Belt USA. My first is a brown Ultimate in smooth leather. It serves my needs perfectly.  With this belt I opted for a black with a bit more grain and Tracy suggested Buffalo.  I ordered the ultimate belt set up for OWB and double stitched in black to match the belt.  This belt is visually stunning as well as functional. It can easily fill the bill as a dress belt if needed. I holstered my 3" Mod 686+ and and there is absolutely no sag whatsoever.  I compared this belt to a nylon reinforced belt I previously bought ready made from a major holster company.  There is no comparison between the two.
If you seek a sturdy belt that oozes quality, call these guys and ask Tracy or Mike if you should choose the Ultimate or Perfect Fit version as each is suited to your particular usage.  As a customer told me once, "life is short, treat yourself". Jerry N
Just received the belt and it's a beauty!  You guys make great products and provide great customer service as well.Thanks, 
Wow! I liked my older, non-reinforced belt. And I still do. But ....  This new re-inforced, double-stitched belt is BEAUTIFUL! It arrived today and I haven't had chance to give it a good workout. But on looks alone, if it performs 1/2  as well as it looks, I will be thrilled.Thank you for such a nice belt. Can't wait to torture test it (carefully so it won't get scratched, etc.). The workmanship reflects your skill & dedication and this is just A BETTER BELT!!! Thanks again.  Robert H.
"Mike and Tracy are great folks to deal with who strive for complete customer satisfaction.
With me, they exceeded my expectations.
They produce a quality product, have great communications, and get it to you quickly.

A Better Belt?
Yes it is!
And I'll be buying another in the near future." Pete E
I just wanted you to know that the belts you created for me arrived today. I'll never buy anywhere else again! Your quality and workmanship along with the sizing options is something so rarely seen these days and sorely needed. I'll spread the word when and where I can. Bob A
Just wanted to say "thank you" again for the Ultimate Deep Grain Gun Belt which is really, really nice! It is a beautiful piece of work.Thank you for the assist when postal service made a mistake--- You got the problem solved super quick and I received the belt the very next day, all the way to Northen Michigan.You do great work, service is fast and outstanding, and you are really nice people to talk to and work with!! Thank You again ~ John M
Thank you for being an awesome company. I dont know how you guys do it. I just got my first belt in the mail today and already want more. Michael M
I wanted to send a quick note with my thoughts on my experience with your company and product.
1- Awesome service, can't believe how quick you got my belt made to my exact specs and sent out, also when I called to request a change you were right on it. 
2- Awesome product. I absolutely love my belt (never thought I would say this about a belt). The quality was evident from the moment that I unwrapped it. It is so much more comfortable when carrying my full size handgun that my old belt, also when not carrying it is more comfortable than my old belt.
All considered I could not be more satisfied with my purchase.
I have recommended your product several times already and will continue to do so.
I plan to order another belt in the future.
Hey Mike, 

Just a message to let you know that I got the replacement belt. Thanks again for your professionalism and integrity... In today's world it's hard to come by. You got a customer for life.  Reg

I am a welder/fabricator and I conceal carry everyday. My belt hasn't stretched, cracked, tore, or shown any serious signs of abuse after two years despite my constant abuse of it. If I ever manage to abuse this belt enough to need a new one, you guys are first on my list. Thank you for an outstanding product. Frank M


Just got my belt in under 11 days, and am thoroughly impressed with MY BELT that you made for me! You need to seriously consider changing the name of the company to Bestbeltonthefaceoftheplanetearth!
This thing feels as though it will hold up 3-4 pistols at once. I will definitely be using all the time, and every now and then on occasion to carry 2 at once. You have a customer for life, and I will talking up your company and its products to all of my friends and family, many of whom carry. Mark R. P.S., gotta go and thank all the guys who suggested your belt over on the Defensive Carry forum, of which I am a member.

I am an Lt/Investigator with our Sheriff's Office and wear "soft" clothes.  I need a good sturdy belt to carry my weapon, spare ammo, handcuffs, a couple of phones, etc, etc.  I really liked what I saw on your web site, and a search for complaints turned up nada, so I ordered a belt.  It only took about a week to get it, and it is everything I could hope for!
The workmanship is just outstanding...the belt is not only practical, it is beautiful!!  I have bought belts from El Paso Saddlery and several other "custom" shops.  Yours not only outshines them, it was cheaper!  I just couldn't believe it.
I am telling everyone I know about your company.  I am going to link to you on Facebook and on the gun forums I frequent.
I wish you both the greatest success with your business.  You certainly deserve it. Best wishes, Terry K

Thank you for the fantastic belt you sent me.  I was excited, knowing it was going to be a good belt.  It is better than I had even hoped.  There is no comparison between it and any other belt I own or have owned. This is truly a better belt.  This belt holds my taurus 605 in its new Falco holster like it's not even there, Ka-bar and Buck 110 riding on the other side.  It holds them all with ease.  The materials are very good, the workmanship is excellent.  I can't wait to show it off. Travis G

Just received my belt about three hours ago and I LOVE IT!! Even though it is double stitched, kydex reinforced and WAY more rigid and stiff than my department store belt, it is more comfortable. It easily supports my Glock 22(IWB or OWB) and spare magazines. The craftmanship is A++! This is without a doubt the best belt I have ever owned. Thank you Mr. Pillsbury for making such a fantastic product! AW

Received the belt today and am wearing it already.  Most new belts seem to require a break in period to adjust to the body, but this one is comfortable right away.  Very happy with it and will show it off to my students in the NRA shotgun instructor class this weekend and the others coming up. JC (The Perfect Fit Belt)

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you the belts you made for my son and I are finally to the point I can't tell I am even wearing them, I wear the black more than the cordovan so it's more comfortable but the cordovan one is pretty close, and as far as wear they still look new and the edges are not wearing like my previous gun belt.  William S.

...Of course we know that a quality belt made for a holster is a must. I'm stunned with my new belts craftsmanship, beauty and functionality.... I'm a future customer for sure. Bob H

I received my belt in the mail Saturday. I gotta’ say I’m impressed, both with the quality & workmanship, but with the stellar service most of all. Your gun belts are the best I’ve seen, certainly the best value, and I’ve been buying & wearing gun belts for the better part of forty years. Darrel

 I just received My new belt and just wanted to thank you. The quality is more than expected; superb, outstanding, The BEST BELT I've ever owned. Fit and finish is perfect. The short wait time is also appreciated. I will tell all my friends about your belt and company. Thank You again. Richard

I just want to say this belt is fantanstic it looks great and holds so great. I know there are other belts out there, BUT NOT AS GOOD AS THIS ONE.

My neighbor ordered a belt from another company and it started to come a part, as it had fake stitching and was glued together. Please do not make this mistake and order your belt today from A BETTER BELT TODAY USA...
Don P

Just recieved my order, absolutely beautiful and just what I had hoped it would be. Perfect fit and extremely good looking, gives me the extra support I required for my holster carry without the belt twist and holster leaning out away from my body. You have another loyal customer with great recommendations for your belts.  Arthur M

I just received my belt. Although the box was beat up, the belt is a pristine work of an expert craftsman. Again, I thank your for your personal attention and cooperation through this order. A loyal satisfied customer, Charles R
Wow....just wow! You guys are unbelievable! I would have waited 6 months for a belt of this quality from any other custom maker at twice the price! Thank you again for the phenomenal customer service and outstanding product!!  JL

The belt I purchased is by far the best belt I have ever owned. It really helps take the weight off of the 1911 that I carry. Excellent product and excellent service !!!!!!  Ken O

The belt is great.  I have been showing it to a number of my officers as well as other law enforcement colleagues.  Ray T

I can assure you that it meets my expectations and then some.  It shows quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price.  I have found no issues with it whatsoever, and will gladly recommend one to friends and associates, as well becoming a repeat customer.  Don N

I wanted to let you know that I compared your belt to another leather gun belt maker. For my OWB holster, your belt was leaps and bounds over the competitor. Your belt held my holster real close to my body with no sag.    Ken M

Just a quick note to let you know my belt arrived here in Australia safe and sound.  I was at first a little surprised as I thought I might have made a mistake with the measurement as it looked too long when the bubble wrap came off.  Once I tried it on it was the perfect size.  Have now given it a test run on the range and it is fantastic. Thank you again for all your efforts and a wonderful belt.  Marc H

I just received the belt today, and after I took the bubble wrap off it made me gasp. It is the most beautiful, well made belt I’ve ever seen. The white stitching is just awesome.  I would recommend your belts to anyone, they show craftmanship second to no one!!!!!!!!!!!!  Denny

~The belt is awesome... I'm thrilled  Diana

 ~This belt is absolutely amazing. Paired with my iwb holster I can barely tell I have a 5" Colt 1911 hanging from my hip! I really can't stress enough that this is really a better belt!   Hector P

 I just received my belt today and the quality and price far beat any other belt I have seen anywhere . I am extremely pleased and will show it to everyone I know and will do my best to send customers your way. Thank you for the exceptional customer support and a top quality belt. sincerely Bill C

~ I just want to say thanks for getting my belt built and shipped so fast. The pictures on the website can't show the fine detail and quality of your finished product, but I am impressed and will refer people to you. It would be hard to find anyone that could match the quality of your belts. Once again, Thank You.
Ron D.

 ~ I have two of your belts bought at the gun shows in Houston. Thank You for making just the most wonderful belt a guy could ask for!  BenTx

 ~ These belts are outstanding. Ordered three, two for me and one for my wife, in September. Have been wearing one of my two on a daily basis. They have worked as intended regardless of whether I am in casual dress or working hard and soaked with sweat. No stretch or give in the belt wet or dry.
Only thing better than the belts is dealing with Mike. He is great and truly focused on making the best belt possible.  Mason

~I received my belt yesterday; super fast service.
It looks and fits great!
Thank you,
~So now I have two serious belts at a great price and I know where to go if I need another. By the way, I just started my own business this year and I really like your model of service to the customer-it sets a good example. Even in my first year I can see that keeping customers happy is just as important as creating new ones; I love repeat business and getting new customers through word of mouth recommendations. Thanks for checking in!



 ~Just a quick note to let you know that I have submitted a review of your belt to your site. Got to be the first to give you a review. I will also add a review to my YELP account J. I have been very please thus far.  JBiles