Are your belts comfortable?

We make our belts with durability, comfort, and usefulness in mind. I believe that ALL of our belts are comfortable for all day wear EXCEPT our horsehide belts. The reinforced horse belts are better suited for intermittent wear.

You have so many options, how do I know which belt is best for me?

Order Velcro lined ONLY if you use "V" clips with your holster.

Order tapered ends ONLY if you like the look.

Double stitching will have very little effect on comfort.

Internal reinforcement will have very little effect on comfort, and will greatly extend the lifespan of your belt.

Is one leather better than another?

Yes and no. Leathers come in many different levels of stiffness, damage resistance, and beauty. It has been our experience that no specific leather will grade high in all three categories. The one thing all leathers have in common is that they will gradually lose their stiffness from flexing. That's why we always recommend internal reinforcement.

With the exception of horsehide, shoulders tend to be stiffer than backs or sides. Shoulders will generally include more "wrinkles".

Bull hide and horse strips are somewhat stiffer than cow. Horse shoulders are not sold separately from horse fronts, and are not stiff.

Elephant, shark, ostrich and our deep grain bull are beautiful and very resistant to scratching, but not as stiff as full grain cow or horse strips.

We have found that the use of internal reinforcement is the best way to maximize all three categories and counteract the leathers decline in stiffness.

What are the advantages of dual layer?

                Two layers of any material bonded together are much stronger than a single layer of the same dimensions and material. Think plywood.

How thick are your belts?

                All of our belts are approximately ¼” thick, except for the Executive Dress Gun Belt and the Woman's Gun Belts.

Why are your gun belts less expensive than other dual layer belts?

                Good question. We can’t speak for anyone else. We try to keep our prices as fair as possible. Our belts are all handmade and require a lot of time and effort to complete.

Why don’t you ship same day?

                Depending on the belt and options selected, and the consideration of appropriate drying times for many of the processes, it can take up to six days to complete your belt from the time we start working on it. We will never cut corners.

How long does it take to make a belt?

                That depends on the belt, and the options selected. While we can usually complete a Do It Yourself belt in less than 24 hours, it can take up to six days to complete a Perfect Fit Belt.

Do your belts really last forever?

                Nothing man made lasts forever. With every movement of your body your belt is forced to change its shape. These movements and shape changes stress your belt (especially in the back) which gradually soften your belt. Internal reinforcement will greatly reduce these softening effects, and extend the lifespan of your belt.

(added) The Perfect Fit Belt is designed to eliminate the stress caused with movement, and will outlast any belt of any material currently available.

Why is my belt size bigger than my pants size?

                Pants stretch a lot. Dual layer gun belts stretch very little. Plus, clothing manufacturers tend to make clothes larger than their advertised size.

Why do you use Nylon 6/6 as an internal stiffener?

                Nylon 6/6 is a little harder to work with, and requires more time and effort than a polyester mesh, but it is just as strong and does not thicken the belt as dramatically. Working with Nylon 6/6 allows us to offer belts with every option imaginable. Kydex (which is used by some other companies) will break when repeatedly flexed.

Do you make horse hide belts?


Why are your longer belts more expensive?

                The cost of leather increases dramatically with length. A 1½” strip of leather 80” long costs more than twice the amount of a 1½” strip 60” long and half again more than a 1½” strip 70” long. We use 60” strips to make up to 50” belts, 70” strips to make up to 60” belts and 80” strips to make up to 70” belts.

Should I get single or double stitching?

                Double stitching will add some stiffness to the belt's edge. Either option will function perfectly as a gun belt.

Should I get an internal stiffener?

                We add internal reinforcement to our belts. YOUR BELT WILL LAST YEARS LONGER WITH INTERNAL REINFORCEMENT. You may request a belt without internal reinforcement, but we don't recommend it.

What's the difference between an Ultimate Gun Belt and a Rough Rider?

               The Ultimate Gun Belt's edge is dyed and burnished giving it a classy look suitable for casual to dress wear.

               The Rough Rider Belt's edge is un-dyed and rough making it more of a casual style belt.

               The Ultimate Gun Belt includes a few upgrades that sets them apart from all other gun belts available.

Why do you offer IWB and OWB belts when no one else does?

               Honestly, it took me a couple of years to figure this out. In the beginning, we concentrated our efforts on making the stiffest belts possible. While we were making these incredibly stiff belts (and our customers were raving about them), we kept seeing Forum posts about other belts that people were also "raving" about. Many of these other belts seemed barely stiff enough to carry a pack of gum, let alone a full size 1911. It finally occurred to me that style of carry, or IWB vs. OWB was the difference. My belts were much stiffer than required for IWB while some others were perfect for IWB. My belts were perfect for OWB while some others were completely ineffective for OWB. Once I finally figured out that people have different needs, I started offering suitable belts to satisfy those needs. 


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