IWB The "Little Squeeze" Holster (new)

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Product Overview

The "Squeeze" Holster

You adjust the two retention screws for the perfect amount of retention. Different length screws (supplied) allow you to re-adjust for several firearms. 

~ Built to Last

~ Built for Positive Retention and Re-holstering

~ Built to Fit Several Firearms...... This is not a "gun bucket" holster. Different sized screws and screw adjustments actually change the properties of the holster which customizes the fit to most 1 1/2" to 3" barrel semi-automatics.

~ 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee 


Comfort/Ease - NO HARDWARE on the "body" side of your IWB holster. Smooth, slightly curved leather is all that goes against your body. The single belt clip pivots to afford the best possible positioning for comfort no matter where you wear it on your belt, and no matter what position you are in. Plus, the single belt clip makes it simple to put on or take off. The pivoting single belt clip also makes the holster usable for cross-draw.


Positive Retention/Re-holstering - Our holster is designed to "GRAB" different retention points than any other holster. Two retention screws on the outer edge are adjustable to "dial in" the perfect retention for your firearm. We supply you with different length screws to accommodate both thicker and thinner models of semi-automatic. The holster is leather on the inside, and leather on the outside. There is no exposed hardware on the inside of your holster to damage or mar your pistol. The holster opening always stays open to facilitate fast, and easy re-holstering.


Several Firearms - This model is made to fit most 1 1/2" to 3" barrel length semi-automatic pistols, simply adjust the retention screws to fit your needs.