The idea

The Perfect Fit Belt

                ~ The Original Pivot Belt

Tracy and I have been asked countless times:

Do you make a contoured belt?

                Our answer was always a simple no. If asked why, we would continue to explain that leather is skin. Skin is one of the most flexible elements known to man. It bends and stretches into almost any shape or configuration you could imagine. Over time, a leather belt will conform to any body shape or size. In fact, given two minutes with only my hands, I can put a 10 to 15 degree contour in a straight belt. We felt it would be dishonest to charge for a process that occurs naturally. In addition, a belt contoured to a 15 degree arc does not help the wearer that only needs a 5 degree contour..or even a 10 degree contour…or a 3.67 degree contour. With the millions of different body sizes and shapes, each contour belt would have to be engineered specifically for each and every user. If you don’t get the exact fit, you’ve wasted your money.

                Also, the contour of your body changes with each movement. A contour suited perfectly to your size and shape when standing, will be incorrect when you sit, stoop or bend.

                                Why did we change?    

I recently read this statement on another beltmaker's website "Hey, we aren't reinventing the wheel here."

I asked myself, "Why aren't you?" If you plan on making the world's top products, you have to consistently reinvent your products or be left behind.

                We understood that belts had a limit to stiffness before becoming unwearable due to comfort. So we went to work on a design that would change the tolerence point of stiffness vs. comfort. This would also serve to increase the lifespan of a belt exponentially.

                After testing the new design (and reworking…and retesting… it several times), we found that we had actually stumbled onto a new standard for men and women. This truly is “A Better Belt”.

The Perfect Fit Belt is:

  1. More stable  for most users(shorter pieces of leather are harder to bend making a stronger holster foundation).
  2. More flexible (the pivot moves slightly as you move without impairing the integrity of your holsters foundation).
  3. No more “plumbers crack”. The Pivot Belt stays tight against your back in every position.
  4. Longer lasting (less flexing and stretching of belt pieces).
  5. No break-in time. The Pivot Belt conforms to your body instantly.
  6. Stiffer (shorter pieces are always harder to bend than longer pieces).
  7. More comfortable


What makes this a better design?

                Your body forces a normal belt to adapt to whatever position you assume. As your belt adapts to the different contour needs, different areas of your belt are stressed. The majority of this stress is concentrated in the middle of your back. This stress is what can cause your belt to develop a “V” in the back. It can also cause your belt to become limp, break down, and/or wear out. With the Perfect Fit Belt, the majority of contour changes required are accomplished at the pivot points automatically. The pivot feature allows your belt to retain its original stiffness for generations longer than standard belts.


Are there any drawbacks? ~ Yes

                The Perfect Fit Belt is not designed for use with “Inside the pants, small of the back holsters (SOB)”. This belt leaves no gap in the back. This is great for any other position, but may be uncomfortable for IWB SOB carry. OWB SOB carry is fine. In fact, since your belt will never adopt a "V" in the back, your SOB OWB holster will ride where it's suposed to for much longer than with a standard model belt.

                A serious competitive shooter might find a slight change in his/her presentation motion.


                Try one, we think you’ll be just as surprised, AND PLEASED as we were.

As always, A Better Belt USA guarantees every product with a full money back promise. If you don’t agree that this is truly A Better Belt, simply return it for a full refund.