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Word of mouth advertising is the best way to grow a business. We may be a small "Mom & Pop Shop", but we are serious about top quality and customer satisfaction. We know, and our past customers agree; we make the best gun belts in the world. The world just doesn't know that about us yet. We're asking for your help and Thank you!

Promise to "Tell a friend" or promise to give us a "Shout out" on your favorite gun forum by using our coupon code, and we'll automatically refund your cost for USPS Priority Mail Shipping on your current order at checkout.

Of course we'd prefer a positive comment about our products, but it's not required. We do ask however, that if there is something about your belt or our customer service that you don't like...give us a chance to fix it for you. We currently maintain a 99.9% customer satisfaction record, and we will do whatever it takes to keep it. If we can't satisfy you, we will refund every penny.

To use our shipping offer, simply put.      Tell a Friend       in the coupon code box at checkout.



Tracy & Mike