Why Is It Better?

       We are the world's only true Custom Gun Belt Shop. Our customization options extend past simple color and material options. We also offer multiple designs, and custom stiffness to suit your specific style of carry. We are dedicated to providing you the very best belts available, and we are committed to giving you the very best value as well.

       We have consistantly searched for US suppliers that will give us good prices so that we may pass them on to our customers. 

      We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. 

        Leather gun belts come in many different levels of quality and detail. In many cases, a lower priced belt will function as well as a high priced belt, but will have had less attention paid to the finer details. We pride ourselves in providing belts that are as good and better than the highest priced and finest gun belt makers while offering prices comparable to the lower priced "also rans". 

         When we began making belts, we spent countless hours working to meet or beat the quality of our competitors products. That plan served us well, and got us "up to speed" very quickly. The Ultimate Gun Belt and The Rough Rider were the results of that plan. Both great belts at great prices. The Dye It Yourself Belt was developed to offer unsurpassed quality at extreme bargain pricing.

         For the past several years, we changed our focus to "How can we beat what we already have?" Listed below are some of the results of our efforts:

         We have upgraded to Nylon 6/6 as an internal stiffener. We have found that Kydex can break if bent to extremes. Nylon 6/6 is much harder to work with, but it will never crack or break inside of your belt.

          We developed the Perfect Fit Contour Belt. The only belt in the world that instantly molds to your exact body style and shape.

          We've added shark without splicing and bison as a viable gun belt material.

          Dual layer keepers, improved edging and burnishing, more colors, more uniform coloring...and we're not done.


If you are looking for a better belt, that is custom suited to your specific needs, you've come to the right place. Our promise to you, "You'll never regret choosing us as your belt maker." Our promise to ourselves, "We'll always strive to make our next belt a better belt than the last."



The Bull is in the BELT....Not in the Service!