Why Is It Better?

We don't just make 'em. We wear 'em too!

     Before we started making gun belts, we bought gun belts. We bought a lot of gun belts that were too soft to do the job. We bought a couple of gun belts that did the job for a month or two before becoming too soft. We even bought a belt that was so stiff, I threw it away after three months of trying to break it in. What we never bought, was a gun belt that lived up to its promises.


     We make our gun belts with durability, function and comfort at the forefront. We understand that your gun belt is just as important as your firearm and your holster. All three must work together to be an effective personal security system. This is what we know about gun belts.

1.) If it's too soft -

     a. It won't distribute the weight of your firearm.

     b. It will sag which could cause discomfort at the carry point.

     c. It can allow your firearm to "flop" around - FLOPPING

          1. Can cause printing

          2. Can hinder presentation of your firearm in a difficult situation.

     d. Can cause you to decide to leave your firearm at home.

2.) If it's too stiff -

     a. Your gun belt MAY dig into your side, hip or belly causing extreme discomfort.

          1. Can cause you to leave your firearm at home.

3.) If it's not reinforced with quality material.

     a. It will become misshaped and soft. You might not notice that your gun belt has gotten too soft until it's too late.

     Our belts are made to do the exact job we describe them to do *, and for a very long time. 

     If you want your gun belt to be different than our description, we'd be happy to oblige. We can make it stiffer, thicker, un-reinforced or just about any personalization you can think of. There are too many possibilities for personalizing/customizing to list them all on our order form, just ask.

     *Please note- horsehide belts are stiffer than we recommend for comfort.



Half Sizes    Custom Stiffness for Carry Type    More Colors     Auto-contouring Belts     Buckle-Less Belts     Velcro for "V" clips or belt stacking     Custom Styles     Exotic Belts   NEW personalizing stamp or stamp and paint


        You'll see the quality immediately!

 Dual Layer Keepers

 Improved Edging and Burnishing Process

 Heavy Duty Nylon Stitching

Leather Conditioned and Sealed

Attention To Detail 

Plus the quality inside

 Extremely Durable Nylon 66 Reinforcement

3rd Layer Leather for Sizing Hole Reinforcement

Quadruple Step Laminating Process

Built To Last

      As a small leather shop, we fully understand that quality and customer service are the two most important aspects of our business. Our promise is to deliver our very best before and after you buy. 

       We understand that "one size fits all", really means that it doesn't fit anyone particularly well. The best solution for one person is rarely be the best for another. We hand craft your belt(s) to your individual needs. We believe that personal protection requires personal attention. If one of our belts does not suit YOUR specific needs, we will customize a belt for you that does. Only then will you  truly have

 A Better Belt!

 Please visit our belt sizing page before ordering!

We build our belts with materials purchased from US suppliers only.  


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~A Better Belt USA Handcrafted in the USA~